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Manuel M. Silvano III

Full Stack Web Developer
Sunset in the mountains
Web Development

I used Modern Backend Technologies and follow a modern standard code and best practices

#Laravel #Livewire #PHP
Sunset in the mountains
Front-End Development

Who doesn't like's good design? I Design based on the project i'am working on and combined it with modern approach.

#VueJs #TailwindCss #AlphineJs
Sunset in the mountains
Responsive Design

Responsive Design is necessary for the development for the user to access to any kind of devices.

#Resonsive Design #Krita
Livewire AlphineJs
Git Sass Github
Bootstrap JQuery Visual Studio Code Microsoft SQL Server PHP

Just a passionate developer

Busy Coding

Got an idea? Let's make it a reality! 😎

Livewire AlphineJs JQuery Microsoft SQL Server
Bootstrap Sass
Bootstrap Sass
JQuery Bootstrap Sass
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